The focus of our efforts is the development of diverse human capital.  Working with academic institutions and organizations, this increase in leadership capacity will be accomplished by:

  1. Development of leaders to address diversity and inclusion health equity issues
  2. Mentoring and nurturing of future minority leaders from diverse backgrounds
  3. Assistance in the development of diversity and inclusion programs in the biomedical sciences and in medicine
  4. Evaluation of institutional diversity and inclusion programs
  5. Collaboration with institutions and organizations on strategic planning initiatives

The key approach will be seeking to work with individuals, organizations and institutions to understand their desire for diverse leaders and help them to achieve their goals.

report  The Changing Face
  of Medicine

  Special Feature on Diversity
  Vanderbilt Medicine Vol.27, No.2

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strategic-plan  Office for Diversity
 Vanderbilt University
 School of Medicine

 George C. Hill, Ph.D.

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